Yesterday, The Atlantic published an article that declared “Seattle’s 1999 Protesters Were Right.” Author Noah Smith correctly explained that they were mocked and maligned. He writes “the Seattle protests came to seem as not only silly, but also misguided.”

But Smith explains that nonetheless history has shown the WTO protesters were “mostly right.” “Almost everything the Seattle protesters have warned us about has come to pass, much of it a direct result of the WTO’s actions in 2000,” he writes.

So what are the reasons we didn’t succeed and they did?


One Response to “If the WTO protesters were right, why didn’t they win?”

  1. MikeDonnelly

    They failed to understand votes don’t matter, only money matters. Until significant campaign contribution reform takes place (federal funding) the side with more money will always win. My favored solution is an amendment to the US constitution. and others are pursuing this goal

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